Dutch Minion and her Bike

Who is Dutch Minion? 

Who am I? My name is Diana Postma. 

Born in 1986, raised and still living in the beautiful county Zeeland in The Netherlands. Married to a lovely motorbike loving husband and together we have two "children" (two cats called Muis and Stitch). 

I grew up with motorbike. Both my parents rode motorbikes. Since the age of 4 I would join my parents on there motorbikes. My father was the tour lover and my mother was more of a racer. It gave me the ability to chose a riding style depending on my mood. 

It made me wanting my driving license even more. So in the cold winter of 2008 I decided to take lessons. Within two months I was able to get my full driving license to ride motorbikes. 

After that I rode many motorbikes next to the motorbikes I owned myself. But I owned nine motorbikes till now. Currently my husband and I own a Suzuki DRZ 400 and a Yamaha Ténéré 400. Currently I enjoy most of my adventures on the Honda Africa Twin called Lazuli. 

Most adventures I enjoy together with my husband. Both on and off road. 

Together with my partner in crime I hope to go on to many more adventures!