Dutch Minion and her Bike

Current Motorbikes

At the moment my husband and I own four motorbikes. 

My daily motorbike is a Honda Africa Twin 1000 from 2019. It was the "old" motorbike of my husband. Lazuli is the first bigger motorbike I didn't lower to fit my height. I use a known technic by off roaders to ride this motorbike. It makes it a lot of fun as a vertical challenged person to ride Lazuli.

Next to Lazuli my husband and I bought two Suzuki DRZ 400 in 2020. It wasn't fully planned to buy two. But it just happened. In 2022 we decided to sell one. Simply because one of the two was never being used anymore. A young man who is planning to travel for a longer period of time bought one of the two. We think the DRZ has been giving a suited home!

My husband is the one who rides the Yellow DRZ most of the time, but recently our family has grown with a new motorcycle. A lovely Yamaha Ténéré 700 as a step between the DRZ and the Africa Twin to train with. Together with the two Africa Twins we enjoy all our trips and adventures. 

Previous Motorbikes

Honda Deauville aka Duifje 

After getting my driving license for riding motorbikes my first companion was going to be one that could handle a lot of kilometres since I also had to ride a lot for my work. Therefor I started on a Honda Deauville. A lovely touring motorbike with everything on it. Even heated grips. In combination with the build in panniers and a big top case, it made me more then able to do my job with this bike instead of taking my car. 

Sadly the Deauville didn't survived me. Together we tried flying of a dike in Zeeland. Sadly it didn't survive the landing. 

Honda CBR600F

After crashing the Deauville I was looking around for another motorbike. Instead coming home with another touring motorbike, I bought my first sportbike. A Honda CBR600F in white and red.

Had to admit. It fitted me better. This motorbike was a lot lighter then the Deauville. But it also brought out the worst in me. Loved how it could pull further in the revs and that it came fully alive after doing around 6.000 rpm and up. 

With this Honda I had my first taste of the curvy roads in Luxembourgh and Germany. 

Honda was always known for building reliable motorbikes. Sadly this little Honda didn't really gave me this faith. It broke down several times due to the lack of electricity and sadly I wasn't able to find the problem. Ended up selling this motorbike for very little money.

Kawasaki ZXR400

After being without a motorbike for a few years I finally was able to buy another one. This time it was a small black and pink Kawasaki ZXR400. My second sportbike. 

This little Kawasaki was feisty and very loud. The previous owner had broken out the exhaust to make it basically a fully open exhaust. It made it impossible to leave the street in silence in the early mornings towards my work.

My boyfriend (now husband) was trying to find a new original exhaust that might have silenced the little devil a bit. Sadly by the time he found one, my little motorbike got stolen. When the police called they found him, the little one was barely recognizable. The people who had stolen had destroyed it by putting it on fire.

RIP little ZXR.

Honda CBR600F

After the ZXR got killed I was lucky enough to find a lovely Honda again. With some help by my boyfriend as my financial situation wasn't very strong at the time.

The Honda proved to be reliable. Unlike it's predecessor. 

Gladly my then boyfriend decided to perform a service on this Honda. All the fluids (including the brake fluid) where a little passed there expiration dates. 

When everything was done it was a lovely motorbike to ride. Enjoyed our first holiday together. Enjoyed the Nordschleife in Germany (Nurnburgring) and many other tours. 

But I decided to sell this one as my own body was starting to have trouble sitting in a sporting posture. Now the Honda is making someone else happy. 

Honda CB500X aka Pocket Bike

After a winter being without a motorbike I originally thought of taking a little year to find one that I would like riding and my body could handle. 

Off course I wasn't able to wait that long. After a test ride of about 220 kilometres my body was still happy and so in 2016 I bought my first brand new motorbike. 

This Honda was my first two cylinder engine. Maybe not the most powerful, but on the small narrow twisty roads it gave a lot of fun. 

Next to the bigger VStrom 1000 (and later a KTM 1090 Adventure R) of my husband the little Honda was small. He gave it the nickname Pocket Bike.

Pocket Bike brought me everywhere I asked it to go. From a little tour on the islands till the tall mountains of Austria and Italy.

Kawasaki Versys 650 aka Little Panther

In 2018 I was at the dealer to pick up a new set of motorbike trousers. The clothes shop is in the back of the dealership with some stairs to the first floor. While getting there I passed a pitch black Kawasaki and came to a full stop. 

Rarely does a motorbike make me stop and take a closer look. This one did. Within one and a half hours I was back to try it out. The dealer only received this motorbike recently. I liked it a lot, but was also still loving my little Pocket Bike.

After a lot of doubt and another test ride I decided to buy this little Panther. 

Our instructor was in doubt. As a hard core Honda rider for the past few years and loving the little Pocket Bike as well, he was in doubt if the Panther would fit me. After half a day training in the Eiffel he had to admit that this little black Panther was fitting me as well.

Also this one brought me on lovely adventures. From the mountains of Italy and Austria, to the lovely roads of Luxembourg till my first solo tour through The Netherlands.